BitDefender Anti Virus Software

BitDefender is an anti-virus software that includes anti-spam and firewall. In addition, the newest version (number 10) features privacy protection tool, a tool for safe web surfing, as well as a root-kit detection and removal tool.

The software is easy to configure and use. If you are always online, it will update itself regularly, without your input. This relative newcomer in the field of antivirus software, of Romanian origin, quickly won accolades from reviewers all over the world. Just do a quick search on the internet and see for yourself! I have been using this software for about one year now, and give it the highest mark. It has faithfully kept my system free of infection. Of course, if you choose to activate all the tools offered by BitDefender, you will pretty much tie your own hands by making your web surfing experience very cumbersome indeed, with BitDefender asking you every two minutes if you agree to accept this or that cookie. That is why I generally instruct this software to do certain things only, and as for the rest, I rely on my own common sense.