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How To Stop Spam

Tired of spam? Of course you are! Our recommendation for stopping spam in its tracks: MailWasher.

This is a freeware application with over 5 million downloads over its lifetime to attest to its usefulness. Features include:

  • Ability to delete unwanted emails before you download the entire message.
  • Blacklist – Automatically bounce back and delete blacklisted emails. Block entire domains.
  • Friends List – Build you own custom friends list so that their emails always come through.
  • Preview questionable emails before downloading the entire message.
  • Custom Filters – Setup your own customer blocking filters and blacklists.
  • Speed – MailWasher can download up to 25 message headers per second.
  • Simple – This is an easy to use application. Very similar to Outlook Express in appearance.

Installation and setup is a snap. It’s much like your current email application, just without the spam. Just create your accounts and enter your mail server information (eg. pop/smtp server, username, password) and you are off and running.

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