SquareUp Review

SquareUp is an awesome app/service that allows you to accept credit card payments directly through your iPhone or iPad. The fee is a modest 2.75% per swipe.

This could be a great solution for small vendors that don’t do a ton of transactions. There is no need for a merchant account, no monthly fees, and no setup costs. SquareUp will deposit your money directly into your account and they will even send you a free card reader. The card reader uses your audio jack and is about the size of a quarter. There is no limit to the number or amount of your transactions.

This is the most useful app/service for the “i” universe that I have found to date. It’s almost too easy.


I like reading foreign literature, I often do it in my leisure and free time. Every now and then I meet a foreign word or a phrase with an unknown meaning and I need translation help.

Recently I found great translating software, it is called Babylon. It has the option to download different dictionaries from the web that give you different definitions of the word, there is even a thesaurus that helps you find synonyms, word with similar and with opposite meaning that can help you in writing. It also has a function to hear the pronunciation of the word. You can buy dictionaries from all over the world in different languages.

The programs has shortcuts that allow you only by using the ctrl button and a click of the mouse to underline the word and the word is immediately searched in the database and the translation is presented to you promptly.

It also works with whole texts. You can just enter the text and ask for a translation from one language to another. But I wouldn’t recommend this option, because the computer is unaware of when a certain meaning of the word should be used and is often prone to mistakes.

Total Video Converter

Total Video converter is a software program which converts video and audio files in one format to another desired format reliable for playing in iPod, iPhone and for reducing the file sizes. The great advantage of it is that it retains the original content with great video and audio quality using faster and more reliable conversion techniques.

The converted video formats can be burnt in a new DVD using this which makes its usage more advantageous. Total Video Converter is able to convert video and audio files in the available formats into a variety of formats, such as 3GP, MP4, AVI (MPEG-4 Part 2), AMR audio which are used by AVCHD, iPod, iPhone, Xbox 360, mobile phone, PDA, PSP, PS3, Microsoft Zune etc.

Users also have the provisions to combine two or more audio and video files and then convert them into the required format and also to extract the audio from a video in the required formats like MP3, AC3, Ogg, WAV, AAC etc. The two main modes in Total Video Converter are named as the Easy mode and Advanced mode where in Easy mode the users are allowed to import a video, select the desired format and convert it but in advanced mode the users can change many aspects of the video, such as the size, bit rate and audio codec. Total Video Converter, users receive Total video Player that allows playing the movie and audio converted.

Image Editing With Paint.NET

If you thought there’s nothing in between the terrible old paint program that comes shipped with Windows and expensive, bulky programs like Adobe Photoshop, think again.

Based on the flexible .net platform, developer Rick Brewster has done our digital world a true favor by creating paint.net. It is a blazingly fast versatile photo editing program (even on relatively old computers), which makes it the first choice if you’re not planning on updating hardware any time soon. Currently in version 3.5, it has been revised well enough to be highly stable and reliable.

Paint.net includes all common features for image/photo editing, such as layering, advanced color editing, typesetting, working with selections, smart resizing and more. It uses very few resources, especially compared to the large photo editing suits. It is ideal when working at the airport using only a small notebook.

But there’s more. A quick search yields plenty of extremely interesting plugins that you can simply copy to your plugin directory. Such plugins include different renderers for geographical shapes, clouds, 3D transformation, advanced blurring/distortion, file format conversions. Even in the hands of a novice computer user, paint.net can become a powerful tool for swiftly designing a logo, a custom background, or overlaying and watermarking your photos.

Is It Cloudy Yet?

Cloud computing technology, has made an uprising in the world of internet.

It has come out from the merge of parallel processing, grid computing technology and distributed computing. The outcome of cloud computing is a service not a product which makes it easy for the end user to handle it. Simply cloud computing means making use of a network environment of resources and applications to get our work done without worrying about the authorized persons of that network. The resources can also used anywhere at any time by any number of users rather than using for one’s own computer.

The cloud computing is cost effective and there is no need to install and run the application in the customer’s computer so it also simplifies the work and makes it easy to maintain. The individual computer in the network is called as node. In cloud computing each node are unique machine, which makes the virtualization easier for the user to work on it. It also dominates the drawback of grid computing which serves as a parent, by interconnecting the bifurcated nodes into one logical computer. This logical computer has the ability to process any number of tasks and maintain a huge amount of data. As each node is unique it is also advantageous to load software and specific operating system on each node depending on the necessity of the project.

Practically the applications of cloud computing is boundless. This could process any task from word processing software to specific programs designed for a company. In practical application, it can be used in backup and recovery systems. It is also obvious to use in payroll and customer relationship management system. Some companies rent the physical storage space for servers and databases as it is not available in their site. Cloud computing gives a best solution for these companies by storing the data in some others hardware without using the space in front end. The best innovations like cloud computing is a boon in technological development.

Good Ole Java

Java is one of the most widely used Object oriented Programming language in the world. Java came into existence in 1991 when a team headed by James Gosling set out to create a language intended for interactive television. Java was initially called “Oak”, it was later named “Green” and finally it got the name “Java”.

Java had a host of features which made it unique in its early days. Features like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Platform Independence made very powerful. Java was originally intended for Embedded Systems but as the World Wide Web came into existence Java power became more apparent. With the onset of the Web, developers faced a big challenge. The web was accessible from all platforms like Mac(Apple), Linux, Windows(Microsoft) etc. So the developers needed a language which was platform independent. Java came to the Web developers aid offering “Write once, Run Anywhere” capabilities. Thus it became the Language preferred by most web developers.

Java has gone many changes from its original release in 1992. The latest version Java 7 has many new features supporting advanced animation, sound and video handling etc. Java Platform is divided in three Parts: Java SE(Standard Edition), Java EE(Enterprise Edition), Java ME(Micro Edition). The Standard Edition for Standalone Applications, The Enterprise Edition for Web Applications, The Micro Edition for Mobile Applications.

Though Java has a host of features it also has some shortcoming. Most important among them is the execution speed of Java applications which were very low compared to applications written in native languages like C and C++. This shortcoming was significantly reduced by the use of JIT (Just In Time) Compilers.

Java has been one of the most Successful programming languages in the world and with the arrival of Oracle by Java’s side, I thing the future of Java look very bright.