CoolTick Description

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CoolTick is very small and easy to use with an interface that is un-obtrusive and intuitive. It has no title-bar, no advertisements, no price and zips to only 78kb. It shows scrolling stock symbols with a variety of customizable data, such as: price, change, open, close, high, low, volume. Other options include: update frequency, custom stock list and scroll speed, plus more. Clicking the scrolling symbol will take you to a detailed quote page. You will be checking your favorite stocks in a matter of seconds (including the time it takes to download!)
* No install or un-install is needed *
* CoolTick is FREE - 100% Freeware
* CoolTick is freely distributable - more users means more feedback.
Please feel free to give CoolTick to anyone with an interest in On-line Trading or just the Stock Markets in general.

Publisher: | Download

Category: Business > Finance Tools

Size: 80KB

OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 22907

License: Freeware

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