dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL Description

dbForge Schema Compare for Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL is a tool for easy and effective comparison and deployment of Redshift database structure differences. The tool gives a comprehensive view of all differences in Amazon Redshift database schemas and generates clear and accurate SQL synchronization scripts to update the database schemas.Key features:

Supported Databases - Amazon Redshift, Postgre Databases (support is restricted), Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL (support is restricted), Azure PostgreSQL (support is restricted)

Supported Schema Objects - Schemas, Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions, Comments.

Schema Comparison Result Analysis
* Filter, group and sort object in results
* View DDL differences for each object pair
* Preview the schema update script for each object

Synchronization features
* Generate deployment scripts
* Migrate any schema differences
* Dependency check to script objects
* Automatic resolution ofsync issues
* Warnings on controversial points prior to sync
* Compare and sync pre-object security permission

Non-Schema Object Comparison - Along with database schema objects, the solution allows comparing and synchronizing pre-object security permissions.

Code Comparison - The solution allows you to efficiently compare PLPgSQL and Python code.

You can always find the latest version of the product on the official Devart website.

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Category: Programming > Database Development

Size: 34.26

OS: Windows All

Downloads: 9077

License: Freeware

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