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Wondering how to make your SEO business a breakthrough? Then it\'s the right time to get the first-class professional SEO software for keyword check&tracking.Rank Tracker is a super-reliable and comprehensive SEO tool for keyword research and flexible tracking of your site\'s search engine rankings. The number of keywords and projects you can work with is unlimited.It performs the following tasks with maximum accuracy and proficiency possible:- Checks rankings for your keywords in 400+ global and local search engines and makes your checks as search engine friendly as possible;- Provides real-time rankings and keyword research data;- Compares your ranking positions with those of 5 competitors of your choice;- Runs a deep SERP Analysis for any keyword;- Sends you immediate email notifications in case your rankings go up or down;- Researches keywords by 20+ different methods and lets you import data from Google Analytics and Search Console;- Shows you which keywords your competitors already rank for;- Finds all the websites that rank in Google for the same keywords and compares your keyword profile to your competitors providing you with new keyword ideas;- Provides a list of your competitors\' top-performing pages (along with the organic traffic data) and their top keywords (which bring the most traffic to their websites);- Calculates the Keyword Efficiency Index for each and every keyword (a number of searches to competition ratio) and shows you the best keywords to optimize your website for;- Shows your site\'s ranking position in both Universal and geo-specific Google search results (including categories such as Images, Videos, Local 3 Packs, etc.);- Creates eye-catching line charts to visualize your progress over a period of time;- Generates detailed SEO reports that let you assess your website\'s rankings, traffic, competition, and visibility at a glance;Power-charge your SEO with Rank Tracker and dominate Google in no time!

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Category: Web Developer > Site Promotion

Size: 311.36

OS: Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows

Downloads: 1473

License: Shareware

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