Falls Classic Description

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Falls: small addictive game.It is the lightened, long-playing version of well known Japanese computer puzzle \'Chain Shot!\'. Our version of this magnificent game will allow you less to think and more to make:). To play Falls almost always is also easy and it is pleasant, as to drive automobile along a good road. Small problems can arise only on the steep turns! Although this is step-by-step logical game, but - the paradox - to think in it barely it is unnecessary in the majority of the cases, only to play! But you for this purpose sit down the computer, the truth? Ease, ease and once again ease - enjoy! Some players get buzz from this game, one can say they become addicted!What still?You can choose one of four skill levels: Kids, Easy, Normal, Hard. Together with game you obtain half-hour of a good author\'s music. It is easy to change the form of the almost each part of graphics, because the skin-editor is built in the extended menu of game.The citation.www.brown.edu/Students/Japanese_Cultural_AssociationIn 1985, Kuniaki Moribe first made the game named \'Chain Shot!\', in which the same color pieces were to be coupled. In 1992, \'SameGame\' was made by Eiji Fukumoto for UNIX under influence of \'Chain Shot!\'. Wataru Yoshioka changed the game for PC-9801 (NEC) in late 1992. After Yoshioka\'s \'SameGame\' was uploaded to FGALAM LIB 5 of Nifty-JAPAN, the game became very popular...

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Category: Games > Logic

Size: 4.75MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 47263

License: Shareware

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