Algebra Cheat 1 Description

Algebra Cheat 1, a marvellous tool for evaluating algebraic expressions. Enter an algebraic expression, click the simplify button and see the expression in its simplified form with a description of how this was done.

Ideal for polynomial multiplication and polynomial division. Enter the two
polynomials each bracketed with a multiplication or division operator between
the polynomials and click the simplify button. The result appears immediately
below the entered expression.

One of the hardest tasks in algebra is dividing polynomials, now with Algebra
Cheat 1 division is no problem, for example

(6x^7 + 21x^6 - 42x^5 - 159x^4 - 9x^3 + 198x^2 + 45x - 60)
/(2x^3 + 13x^2 + 25x + 15)

Is simplified to:

(6x^5 - 9x^4 - 27x^3 + 21x^2 + 21x - 12)/(2x + 3)

Which is further simplifed to:

3x^4 - 9x^3 + (21/2)x - (21/4) + (15/4)/(2x + 3)

In just one second (on a 450mhz PIII).

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Category: Education And Reference > Math

Size: 1.09MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 94358

License: Shareware

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