Hastymail2 Description

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Hastymail2 is a full featured IMAP/SMTP client written in PHP. Our goal is to create a fast, secure, compliant web mail client that has great usability. Hastymail2 is much more lightweight than most popular web based mail applications but still maintains a competitive feature set. The project originated as Hastymail in 2002, then was nearly completely rewritten as Hastymail2 starting in January of 2008. We are very near our first stable release of the second generation of Hastymail and development continues to be active.


* Compatible with PDAs, phones, text browsers, and all mainstream browsers
* W3C valid UTF-8 XHTML pages that can be configured to be delivered as type application/xhtml-xml for supported browsers
* Multilevel theme system using CSS, PHP templates, and icon sets
* The ability to use a database for storing user settings, contacts, and plugin data, with support for both Postgresql and Mysql
* Flexible and powerful plugin system with documentation, examples, and many plugins like a calendar, auto complete, sound notifications, HTML mail composition, and more
* Tunable smart cache to balance IMAP activity and PHP session size to maximize performance for different configurations
* AJAX updating using a lightweight and simple system
* Small page sizes to minimize load time and bandwidth use. Average page sizes including javascript with AJAX updating, CSS, and images is less than 100K without compression or caching, 50K when using gzip compression, and less than 20K when using gzip and normal browser caching
* Multiple interface languages and enhanced message character set handling
* Custom built RFC compliant IMAP class that handles all IMAP communications
* No special PHP requirements, compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
* Advanced IMAP search capabilities
* Vcard based contact management including import/export ability
* IMAP SSL and STARTTLS* support
* Flexible sessions including support for cookie-less sessions and random session ids*
* Tons more!

* requires PHP5

Hastymail is released under the GNU GPL license. The majority of the code in Hastymail was written by the Hastymail developers, however parts of the code are owned by different copyright holders, and one internal system is covered by the BSD license. For full license information please visit our license page.

The Hastymail project code is hosted at Sourceforge. The old Hastymail 1.x code is in CVS, while the new code resides in SVN. Check out our news page for more information about the current state of development (updated often). If you have a question or a comment you can send us a message at our contact page, use the Forums, or drop by the #hastymail IRC channel at freenode.net.

Publisher: | Download

Category: Email > Clients

Size: 1.5MB

OS: Linux

Downloads: 23395

License: Freeware

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