EQUALS Math Jigsaw Puzzles Description

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Fun puzzles develop basic math understanding and skills. EQUALS uses tables with illustrations combine with the fun, reward and challenge of jigsaw puzzles format + playing games. Equals has 2 levels of puzzles: EQUALS Level I teaches Counting by 1\'s-10\'s, Learning Time, Adding Money and Multiplication. EQUALS Level II teaches Division, Consumer Math, Simplifying Fractions and Factors. The Equals Advantage- 1) Learn the easy way -To make learning easy, Equals uses math tables where math facts are orderly arranged. Most tables are enhanced with illustrations to help students understand these facts and how they relate to each other. 2) Enjoy studying math - After studying a math table in a visual level, Equals allows and encourage students to study more by interacting with the program. Click a piece or itsí outline and enjoy the sound and animated way answers are placed and removed. 3) Practice in a fun and challenging way - Equals combines the fun and challenge of jigsaw puzzles and playing games to ensure students are motivated to practice and learn. 4) Helps develop skills up to the highest level - Students has no passing or failing score to observe but instead students are challenged to achieve a masterís skill level and to break all the 3 Mastersí record. 5) Measures ability- Studentsí ability is measured by the amount of time he/she spent completing a puzzle. With a Masterís time set on each puzzle game, studentsí understand if his skill needs further improvement or if he already acquired a Masterís skill level. 6) Records ability and progress - A parent or teacher can be kept informed on a student(s) ability and progress by simply accessing a puzzle gamesí Score Log. 7) Provides a sense of accomplishment - Equals unique game format does not only provide fun and challenge but also present a built in reward. Equals gives students a sense of accomplishment every time he/she completes a puzzle. 8) Fun for young and adult alike - Equals...

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Category: Education And Reference > Math

Size: 3.25MB

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License: Shareware

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