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XPPort(TM) ports Excel data to PowerPoint. It\\'s an Excel Add-In that views as a toolbar and works with all spreadsheets you load or create. It auto-sizes your data in PowerPoint and adds slide titles based on Excel header data. When you are ready to port to PowerPoint, XPPort reads your page breaks and ports each page to a new separate slide. By selecting Excel\\'s Page Setup command "Down, then over" or "Over, then down" you can control the order of the slides ported to the presentation. XPPort has an option to port just the active sheet or all the sheets in the open file. XPPort has an option to create a new PowerPoint presentation or append the new slides to an open presentation following the current selected slide.XPPort sizes the Excel data on each slide to fit the body area as defined in the slide master. It sizes to either touch the top and bottom and center horizontally or touch the left and right and center vertically based on the width to height ratio. Text for the slide titles is pulled from Excel\\'s [Page Setup] [Header/Footer] "Customer Header". First it looks in the center, then the left and then in the right. If all of these are blank, then the sheet name is used.XPPort is available for single user licenses or organizational site licenses. Organizational versions are cool because new PowerPoint presentations are created with your organization\\'s logo in the slide master.Working in Excel has many advantages over PowerPoint. Entering and organizing data is easier, creating charts is easier and Excel has many sophisticated functions to analyze data. PowerPoint can\\'t even total a column of numbers yet many of us live and die by our PowerPoint presentations. Now with XPPort you can have the best of both. Download XPPort from www.xpport.com and within minutes you will be amazed at how simple yet productive XPPort is.

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Category: Business > Presentation Tools

Size: 0.63MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 91049

License: Shareware

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