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Visually see how your disk space is organized - from Windows Explorer!DiskView analyzes your disk space, understands it\'s structure, assimilates information, and presents it visually so that you can understand and manage your files and folders easily - without stepping out of Windows Explorer. DiskView helps you find big files at a glance, and visually shows how disk space is organized not only on your computer, but also on network shares and mapped network drives.DiskView uses a combination of color, shape, size, texture and transparency to represent various attributes of the file-system - hidden files and folders are transparent, newer are bright, system files have distinctive patterns and file-system attributes are depicted with icons. With one glance, you can see which files and folders are taking up the most disk-space, and gain an intimate understanding of how disk space is distributed on your computer.Features* Complete integration with Windows Explorer and the Windows shell.* Coolest looking pie charts and bar graphs, with 3D look, textures and transparency!* Shell context menu integration, pies and bars behave just like files and folders.* Print support for DiskView reports, with custom headers and footer.* Pie chart and bar chart report options.* Export charts to PNG, JPG and BMP format, or copy to clipboard .* Instant Charts: Instant generation of charts as you browse the file-system.* Extremely configurable and customizable - easily change chart colors, label placement, print options, etc* Integrated disk summary to see real-time disk usage of all drives.* Reporting of actual size occupied on disk.* Support for mapped network drives, as well as network folders with UNC paths.* \'Size on Disk\' and \'Relative Size\' column-handlers for Windows Explorer details view .* Integrated \'DiskView Folders\' pane that shows relative folder sizes.* I18N Localization

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Category: Utilities > Disk Utilities

Size: 2.77MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 80844

License: Shareware

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