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Stellar Data Recovery Professional restores formatted and accidentally deleted Office documents, emails, photos, videos, audio files, and more in unlimited file formats. The world-renowned DIY software recovers data from all types of Windows storage media, including hard disk drives, solid-state drives, SD cards, and USB flash storage formatted with NTFS, exFAT and FAT file systems. It supports data loss situations involving lost or missing partitions, corruption, and even BitLocker encryption. Further, the tool allows creating a bootable USB recovery media to retrieve data from crashed and unbootable Windows desktops and laptops. With disk imaging and cloning features, the software facilitates fast and secure file recovery from fragmented hard drives having bad sectors. The tool also recovers data from scratched and partially burnt optical media such as CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. It shows an augmented preview of the lost and deleted documents, audio, video, ZIP and RAR files, etc. It can also display a full-screen preview of the video files, providing an effortless way to verify and recover the files. Stellar Data Recovery software offers dual monitor support, allowing multitasking on dual monitor displays without minimizing or toggling the screens.
Further, the software can save the scan information and load it later to resume the recovery process, allowing you to pause and resume data recovery on different machines or at different times. The add-on Drive Monitor utility in the software checks the SMART information of the hard drive, including vital stats like disk health and temperature, helping preempt the drive failure scenarios.

Key features:
1( Recovers Files in Unlimited Formats
Recovers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, emails, photos, videos, audio, compressed folders, and more from Windows desktop, laptop, and external drives. Also retrieves HTML pages, Java Server Pages, Active Server Pages, and other file types in unlimited formats.

2( Recovers from All Storage Devices including 4K Drives
The tool can retrieve data from all types of Windows storage media, including hard disk drives, solid-state drives, memory cards, USB flash storage, and more. It supports recovery from any storage drive formatted with NTFS, FAT (FAT16/FAT32), or exFAT file systems.

3( Recovers Data from Encrypted Media
Recovers lost and deleted data from any BitLocker-encrypted hard drive, SSD, or external storage media such as USB flash drive and external hard disks. You can also scan and recover data from a BitLocker encrypted disk image file.

4( Recovers Data from Lost Partitions
In case a drive or drive partition is not visible under ‘Connected Drives,’ the ‘Can’t Find Drive’ option helps you locate inaccessible, missing, and deleted drive partition(s). Later, you can select and run a deep scan on the found partition(s) to recover your lost files.

5( Restores from Unbootable / Crashed Systems
Stellar Data Recovery Professional creates bootable USB recovery media to recover data from crashed or unbootable Windows systems. This feature helps recover the data in system failure situations involving hardware problems, boot sector corruption, system file damage, disk errors, etc.

6( Enhanced File Preview [New]
The software displays an augmented preview of the recoverable files, including Office documents, PDF, images, videos, audio files, Zip, RAR, HTML and PHP files, etc. The feature also allows previewing the recoverable video files in Full-Screen mode. It helps in determining the recoverability of the files before saving them.

7( Recovers from Disk Image
The software creates a disk image of failing, fragmented, or severely corrupted storage media. Disk imaging creates a virtual copy of the storage drive to facilitate fast and safe data recovery from failing or fragmented storage media having bad sectors.

8( Deep Scan for Maximized Recovery
The ‘Deep Scan’ function facilitates RAW recovery from formatted or damaged data storage devices. It performs file-signature based recovery to locate the files not found in ‘Quick Scan.’ You can also choose to run ‘Deep Scan’ directly based on your recovery needs.

9( Dual Monitor Support [New]
Stellar data recovery software comes with dual monitor support, offering you the comfort to work on two screens simultaneously without the need to minimize or toggle. Dual monitor support facilitates a more precise and effortless recovery experience while you tackle multiple tasks.

10( Monitors System Drive
The software comes with a Drive Monitor tool that actively monitors and analyzes the disk health status. It keeps a real-time check on vital disk parameters such as health, temperature, and SMART status. It warns the user when it detects anomalies in the disk health and helps prevent data loss scenarios.

System Requirements:
Processor: Intel Compatible (x86, x64)
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Memory: 8 GB (recommended), 4 GB (minimum)
Hard Disk: 250 MB for installation files
Languages Available: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi

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Category: Utilities Software > System Utilities Software

Size: 4.54MB

OS: Windows All

Downloads: 19601

License: Shareware

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