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NumXL Functions implement quantitative statistical and econometric functions for applications to capital markets.Key features of the NumXL Functions for Excel include:* Descriptive statistics - Function for sample mean, standard deviation, skewness, excess kurtosis, and correlation.* Statistical tests 1- Function for testing the mean, standard deviation, skewness and excess kurtosis.* Statistical tests 2: Functions for testing the normality (e.g. Jarque-Bera, Wilk-shapiro) and serial-correlation/white-noise (Ljung-Box).* Linear time series - Function for autocorrelation, partial-autocorrelation, lag or backshift operator, difference operator.* WMA and EWV(EWMA) - Functions for weighted moving average (WMA), exponential weighted volatility (EWV) and exponential weighted moving average (EWMA).* ARMA/ARIMA - Function for autoregressive moving average model (ARMA)* Linear time series - ARMA conditional mean forecast and confidence interval estimate, ARMA residuals inspection* ARCH - ARCH/GARCH/EGARCH/GARCH-M based Functions; ARCH effect test, likelihood functions, Akaike\'s information criterion (AIC), stability test, conditional volatility and mean forecast, confidence interval limits.* GED/t-dist - Support for fat-tailed innovations: Generalized error distribution (GED), Student t-distribution* Interpolation - forward-flat, backward-flat, linear and cubic spline (cspline) interpolation and extrapolation.

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