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PCchat is a chat like application resembling a linux console.With PCchat you can use your PC\'s functions much easier and faster than before by talking to your PC using a natural language as if your PC was a real person.Due to this concept this application is useful for both PC novices and advanced Windows users. The curent version of PCchat is more like a console than an actual chat. Here are a thew things that make PCchat special in this stage of developpment: - Advanced typing errors recognition - TAB key usage for autocompletion of paths and programme names (like Linux) - Multiple command separated by commas (e.g "open notepad and close winamp")At this stage you can:- open applications (PCchat knows most popular applications), files, web pages, folders with Windows explorer, control panel settings- end running applications and close opened windows (only one word from the application or windows name is needed)- uninstall applications (only one word from the application name is needed)- delete files and folders- remove entrys from the RUN registry key- playstop the song in Winamp- shutdown, restat, log off, hibernatePCchat is free for now and probably will remain free for a long time until completion.

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Category: Utilities > Misc Utilities

Size: 0.16MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 33958

License: Freeware

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