Onux-PC Security Description

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Security tools designed for users to manage their user data and communications.Features:* Password protected interface* Virtual Keyboard to access program that defeats keylogging viruses* Access password is case sensitve and can be as long as 1024 characters in length* Secure file shredding* Internet Cache File Shredding built-in to program and can clean with a few mouse clicks* Blowfish encryption with single pass and multipass options. The ability to encode more than 32,000 files all at the same time.* Base 64 encoding/decoding* Byte Manipulation encoding* Built-in unique file and folder exploring options* Built-in System Info utility* Built-in password manager via secure database (Fully user controlled and secured)* Built-in secure chat interface for private chat conversation via any TCP/IP network especially the internet* Retrieve local IP* System short-cuts galore built-in* And much more

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Category: Utilities > Encryption

Size: 4.91MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 31203

License: Shareware

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