Aurigma Graphics Mill Description

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Graphics Mill 2.0 is a"must have"imaging component. It supplies the most important features: load/save popular formats, apply effects, draw text/shapes, use color management, etc. It provides a solid basis to build professional imaging software.When other imaging component vendors left ActiveX platform and focused on .NET market, Aurigma decided that it is too early to drop the ActiveX market. ActiveX is still the prevalent platform (at least for desktop apps) and it still requires a powerful imaging solution - Graphics Mill.Features* Fast&memory-friendly algorithms.* Load/save images:o JPEG,PNG,GIF,WBMP,TIFF,BMP (read/write);o PCX,PSD (read);o PDF,SWF (write);o Special fast thumbnailing method;* Color management:o Load/save embedded ICC profiles in files;o Convert color spaces with ICC profiles;o Draw image using device profile.* Reduce colors to 2-256 colors (with predefined or adaptive palettes and various dithering methods).* Combine images.* Can display progress bar.* Transforms: resize,rotate,crop,wave,custom projective transform (e.g. perspective),etc.* Image correction: HSL,brightness/contrast,levels,channel balance,etc.* Artistic effects: buttonize,emboss,glow,mosaic,shadow,etc.* Filters: blur,edge detect,median,sharpen,etc.* Low-level access to pixels (to make fast custom effects).* Drawing:o 2 drawing engines (GDI/GDI+);o Draw lines,curves,rects,ellipses,text (can be outlined),etc;o Change pen/brush params;o Can get text extent;* Controls and dialogs:o Scrollable viewer control:+ Rubber-band select/zoom;+ Zoom in/out display, scale-to-gray method for 1-bit images;+ Displays non-opaque images properly;+ Applies color management;o Open/Save dialog:+ Image preview;+ Displays basic file info;o Color picker dialog;* Powerful demo app (with source code) - great starter kit.

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Category: Programming > ActiveX

Size: 5.25MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 22112

License: Shareware

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