Allods II: Necromancer Description

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Long awaited news for all fans of all Pocket PC users! Your favorite game Allods is now on your PocketPC.
Pocket version does not yield to the original game except the multiplayer mode.
The convenience of interface and menu accessibility proved to be even better than in the previous versions and these features give the players additional capabilities of realization their in-game strategic and tactical solutions. It is essential that the game recreates mysterious and exciting Allods\' world, which has excited imagination of gamers for so many years already! Delightful graphics, original gameplay, fascinating combination of role-play game and real-time strategy - this version contains all the features which made the game so popular with computer games fans all over the world!

Key Features of the game
*Free traveling between settlements and missions.
*A wide variety of weapons, armors, and magic spells.
*Ability to recruit additional characters for help.
*A team of three heroes with unique magic and fighting characteristics.
*Choice of the game strategy.
*Ability to change weapons during the battle.
*5 schools of magic, a variety of spells.
*3D ground: speed of movements depends on the landscape peculiarities.

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Category: Games > Strategy

Size: 16MB

OS: Windows CE

Downloads: 19741

License: Demo

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