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Keep your link pages current and make sure others are linking back to you! Just Links will do all the hunting and searching to be sure your links are on the pages they are suppose to be, generating the appropriate links page for your site with ease!
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LinkFreeze is a powerful tool to optimize dynamic or database-driven websites for search engines. Conveniently, you don\'t need to rewrite the code of your pages, as all your links are modified on-the-fly whenever a page is requested on the server.
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This program hides your downloadable files and generates temporary links for each visitor. Links are valid for a specified amount of time and cannot be published on other sites. This can also be used as a basic authorization solution.
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Check If URL Exists Is Valid Soft

Verify links (URLs) to see if web sites are still active. This program can extract the links inside a web page and check if those links exist as well. You have the option to save the valid or invalid links to file.
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