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For hospitals and other medical institutions, mobile devices are being widely used to deliver criticalinformation such as patient, drug and prescription information to doctors, nurses and other authorizedmedical staff. Medical professionals are carrying pocket PCs and other mobile devices, which allow constant and instantaneous connection back to a central server or servers using wireless LAN. Pocket PCs are updated in real time as new information becomes available, and can request current patient and/or prescription information from hospital servers. Mobile View is being used in medical environments to remotely support, diagnose and correct mobile devices problems while doctors and nurses on the hospital floor are using them. Users can call in to a helpdesk in case of a problem, and support staff can guide users through step by step on how to perform a task or to resolve the situation. If there is a problem with the software itself, patches and updates can be applied instantaneously over the air using features such as File Transfer, Registry and Scripting. Mobile View connection profile for each device can be configured on a central server for each separate user; support staff simply selects a connection profile to connect to a particular device. Video recording feature can be used to actually see and document any problems, and later if necessary for sending the data to appropriate support staff for further troubleshooting and analysis.A new emerging use for Windows CE devices is to implement them into industrial machinery, for example to remotely control and monitor industrial equipment. When used in such way, the devices are usually loaded up with custom software designed to monitor and control the machinery. Interface between the device and the machinery is achieved through a serial or wired/wireless network connection. GUI interface present in Windows CE allows on-site machinery users to control and Windows CE allows on-site machinery users to control

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Category: Internet > Communication Apps

Size: 1589MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 54038

License: Shareware

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