IsItUp Network Monitor Description

IsItUp Network Monitor is a server monitor, website monitor, and email system monitor. It continuously monitors multiple IP devices, websites, servers&alerts you via email or pager. Website content check; runs as a service; maintains performance statistics for each device it monitors - up time, maximum response time, minimum response time, standard deviation&error log. IsItUp tracks the last successful and last failed Traceroute.Taro Software\'s IsItUp - When you need to know the status of your network. IsItUp continuously monitors multiple"pingable"devices using TCP/IP\'s Ping utility; it tests email servers by bouncing messages off auto-reply accounts and websites by using HTTP. Devices are monitored at specified intervals, notifying you, by email alert, pager alert or phone, when they go down - or come back up.Features:- Monitor any number of devices, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year- Checks TCP/IP (ping) devices, websites, LAN servers, email servers, switches, routers, etc.- Runs as a service- Sophisticated website content tests- Graphical interface is easy to customize and use- Configuration"wizard"makes it easy to add devices and configure options- Automatically watch any mail system by sending email messages and looking for returned messages- System tests reports on uptime, average response time, and logs all data to a Microsoft Access database for you to work with on your own- Notification by pager (modem), mail (MAPI or SMTP), or execute a batch job- Multiple people can receive status notifications and each person has their own rules- Rules allow you to specify how many times a query fails- Notify on every"nth"failure-Option to notify you when an item returns to operation (comes back up)

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Category: Internet > Network Tools

Size: 2.998MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 75488

License: Demo

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