Fraser Stream Integration Description

Regardless of what the end use will be, the backbone of Fraser Stream technology is the method in which textreports are translated into the aforementioned formats. The TRANSFORMATION SETTINGS define how each type ofreport is to be processed and converted. Mapping transformation settings takes a matter of a few minutes and needsonly to be done once. Once the settings are saved, the text report can be converted at the click of a button orscheduled to be processed at any predefined interval. Transformation Settings map information from the text reportsheader, detail, and footer sections, then translate this information into a single record which in turn can be displayedas a single row of an Excel spreadsheet or exported as unique record into a database.Transformation Settings map information from the text report’s header, detail, and footer sections, then translate thisinformation into a single record which in turn can be displayed as a single row of an Excel spreadsheet or exported asunique record into a database.

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Category: Business > Inventory Tools

Size: 35.30MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Downloads: 78567

License: Commercial

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