EasyWallpaper Description

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Your have a lot of beautiful wallpapers but can you can\'t decide which you want to use? Let EasyWallpaper decide for you! EasyWallpaper is the ultimate desktop wallpaper management solution. An extract what the program does:New wallpaper on Windows startup:EasyWallpaper can set a new desktop wallpaper every time on windows startup. Now the Windows start is exciting again. Which wallpaper will be set at this time?New wallpapers in specific intervals:To change the wallpaper on windows startup isn\'t enough? No problem. Configure in which interval EasyWallpaper is to be refreshed the Windows desktop.Desktop calendar:EasyWallpaper displays a convenient calendar including week numbering on the Windows desktop.Category management:Easywallpaper manages the wallpapers in categories. So you can organize your images and you don\'t lose the survey of your wallpapers.EasyWallpaper screensaver:You would like to use your favorite images as screensaver? With EasyWallpaper it is no problem.Wallpapers in different formats:EasyWallpaper supports the mostly used graphic standards like bmp, gif, jpeg or png. Additionally, with EasyWallpaper you can use html documents, too.Slide show:Use EasyWallpaper as a photo browser! With EasyWallpaper you can create full screen slide shows of your favorite images and photos.Starfield wallpaper:With EasyWallpaper you can conjure a moving starfield on your desktop. Make your Windows unique with such a wallpaper!Find new wallpapers:EasyWallpaper helps you to find new, beautiful Windows desktop wallpapers.Add wallpapers easy and fast:EasyWallpaper offers many simple ways to add new wallpapers in categories. I.e. by drag and drop or right mouse click (windows explorer).These and many more features make Easywallpaper a professional wallpaper manager for Windows. Check it out! The program will please you, your friends and your fellows.

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Category: Desktop Enhancement > Wallpapers

Size: 3.655MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 49585

License: Shareware

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