3D Checkers Unlimited 1.0 Review & Download

The Checkers or Draught games as they are known respectively in the US and in Great Britain were invented during the 17th century by a French soldier. Numerous variants are played in the world, which explains why the game didn\'t become standardized under a unique presentation. TLK Games developed a classical version of the game that can be played according to the English or American rules on a checker board of 12 x 8 positions, or according to French international rules. It is possible to play against the computer at different levels or against an adversary. Several angles of camera in 3D real time, the possibility to play in 2D gives to this game good ergonomics and permit to avoid the usual sight tiredness. The computer suggests the best strokes to play and parts can be saved and resumed to leisure. A fine checker board without over lasting gadgets for players at all levels. You can challenge the computer, a local or a networked opponent and check your ELO level.

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Category: Games Software > Board Software

Size: 2.76MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 106590

License: Shareware

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