Library for Javascript and PHP that you can use to create familiar dropdown menus like in desktop applications. ZZEE DHTML Menu is fairly easy to install and embed into your existing HTML or PHP pages, it is customizable, powerful and simple.
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Sigma grid-Ajax grid for php java&.net

Sigma Grid is Ajax editable data grid with features: Pure javascript codes. Inline editing, keyboard data navigation, nested multiline headers, sortable and frozen columns. Slice rendering&paginal output. Data filter, chart and printing supported
Downloads: 83415 - Shareware - Download Now

Likno Web HTML Tooltips Builder

Use a rich interface (GUI) to create any type of cross-browser jQuery tooltip, such as: html tooltip, ajax tooltip, balloon tooltip, javascript tooltip, css tooltip, dhtml tooltip, bubble tooltip, etc. Use simple text, HTML, images, videos and more!
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INORU - Taxi App Development

Our flexible and customizable taxi app development solutions cater to global startups, taxi/fleet business owners or even entrepreneurs.
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HTML to PDF JavaScript

PDF elements are an excellent way to enhance your project offering. With HTML to PDF JavaScript, you allow users to create, secure, merge, manipulate, and edit PDF documents without having to download bulky third-party applications.
Downloads: 999 - Shareware - Download Now

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