More Software Like The Hare and the Tortoise

Junk Monster

Get rid of the waste produced by the junk monster!
Downloads: 42393 - Freeware - Download Now

Dungeons and Monsters

3d action-RPG game. You have to fight against spiders, warriors, dragons, ghouls and other monsters to collect all magic scrolls on every location. When all magic scrolls are found the portal to another location will be opened and you will be able to
Downloads: 41865 - Freeware - Download Now

Boat Fishing

Catch as many fishes as possible within a time limit.
Downloads: 56059 - Freeware - Download Now

Gold Fishing

Fish for gold pieces!
Downloads: 54853 - Freeware - Download Now

Freediving Treasure Hunt

Collect as many treasures as possible within a single breath!
Downloads: 22548 - Freeware - Download Now

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