iPaint-Machine Description

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\'intelligent Paint-Machine\' is a new type of image processing program, that will support you in a first place, increasing your creativity. Existing images can be processed with the standard painting functions and filters and can be extended with interesting image components with the assistance of the implemented Paint-Machine.With \'iPaint-Machine\' more than a hundred of graphic operations grouped on themes are available for you, that supply in random mode again and again surprising results. Most of these graphic- and textoperations are adjustable individually in switched off random mode.With the standard painting programs you may need quite a lot of time for a creation of similar pictures.With the assistance of rasterfunctions you can create quickly and very efficiently various Web-Backgrounds and paper patterns.In a couple of minutes you can create interesting CD-Cover, DVD-Cover, Postcards, Invitations, photocubes and much more something else with a few mouseclicks.With the assistance of photo-technical-filters you can expand your individual artistic style.More than 600 backgroundtiles and a complete Online-Help are implemented (downloadversion with 12 MB at http://www.i-dat.de).You may present your photos and pictures in an extraordinary picture presentation.The fast and easy way of creating lead glass is unique. This can be used as a valuable service in practice.On assistance of the new \'first steps\' tutorial it\'s easy to learn.

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Category: Audio And Video > Graphics Editors

Size: 7.5MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 19951

License: Shareware

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