WSQ image library for fingerprints Description

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For fingerprint images WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization) is superior to other lossy compression methods, such as JPEG, and was chosen by FBI (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation) as the fingerprint image compression standard.WSQ is a lossy compression method that is well-suited for preserving the very high resolution details of grayscale images while maintaining high compression ratios of typically 12:1 to 15:1.Cognaxon WSQ image library provides the easy way to add WSQ image format support to your software projects. WSQ image library reads and converts between WSQ and 11 other graphic file formats, it is small (~ 1.5 Megabyte) and fast, and has graphics format conversion utility.Supported formats for reading:WSQ - FBI\'s Wavelet Scalar QuantizationBMP - Windows Bitmap GraphicsTIFF - Tagged Information File FormatPNG - Portable Network GraphicsJPEG - Joint Photographic Experts GroupRGB - Silicon Graphics InternationalTGA - Truevision Targa GraphicGIF - Compuserve Graphic Interchange FormatCEL - Animator Graphic (FLC and FLI formats)PSD - Adobe Photoshop (LAB or CMYK formats not supported)IFF - Amiga Bitmap Graphic (8 bits)PCX - PC Paintbrush Bitmap GraphicSupported formats for writing:WSQ - FBI\'s Wavelet Scalar QuantizationBMP - Windows Bitmap GraphicsTIFF - Tagged Information File Format (no LZW compression)PNG - Portable Network GraphicsJPEG - Joint Photographic Experts GroupRGB - Silicon Graphics International (uncompressed)TGA - Truevision Targa GraphicAdding WSQ image library to your software project is very easy. Only 2-3 steps and several lines of code are needed. Sample projects are provided for:Microsoft Visual C++ / Microsoft Visual C++ .NET,Microsoft Visual Basic,Microsoft Visual Basic .NET,Borland C++ Builder,Borland Delphi,PowerBASIC.For latest version and more information please visit:

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