Span Analysis v1.0b Description

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Span Analysis is an Excel spreadsheet capable of calculating analytically bending moment and shear force along the span of a single spanning member or part of a multispanning beam, loaded by linearly varying load. It can be used as a fast calculator sheet for moment and shear along a member for a preliminary design of beams or slabs. Can be used to calculate the fixed end moments of members in order to be used by the Moment Distribution Method to export a more sophisticated analytical solution of a multispanning beam or a moment resistant frame with a compatible for this sheet loading. Can be used to calculate the points of zero moment or shear along the member, or their values at any seatrain point along the member length, in order to be used for design. The form of the input data is especially useful when the output of a model analyzed with the moment distribution method should be used. Can be used in conjunction with Continuous Beam v1.07.

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Category: Business > Spreadsheets

Size: 135KB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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License: Freeware

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