Sokofun pro Description

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"SOKOFUN pro"is a compilation of 3 different Sokoban-style games:1. Sokoban/Sokowahn/Sokoblue -Classical Sokoban! You have to push all boxes/pyramids onto certain places!2. Sokolor -Tiles of the same colour need to be pushed together!3. Sokonex -Push all Connector-tiles together! Don\'t be disturbed by movable lasers, holes in the ground and broken plates.What makes SOKOFUN pro special?- low hardware-requirements (Pentium 100)- easy to control- works fine in all graphic-modesGAME:- optimized mouse-control including a hint-mode (optional)- unlimited UNDO and REDO- new: solutions can imported from clipboard (LURD-standard)- solutions can be saved as MOVIES- you can save solution-in-progress- smooth movements- a lot of options- SOKOFUN can easily be extended by a number of levelsets- SOKOFUN is now supporting six languages (English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Danish)EDITOR:- level-size unlimited- many additional game-elements- you can compile your own levelsets *)- easy level-import from older GAMES 4 BRAINS products *)- ASCII-Import via clipboard *)- new: levels can be imported easily from xsb-files *)*) fullversion only!

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Category: Games > Logic

Size: 0.691MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 41453

License: Shareware

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