Racing Buddy Description

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Organize, plan and analyze your workouts, racing and daily activities, past and future. Designed especially for athletes and exercise enthusiasts to look back and see their progress and what worked for them in the past, then plan for their next event. Racing Buddy is also very motivational for anyone starting an exercise and diet program.
Racing Buddy let\'s you track all of your events, recurring events (birthdays etc.), workouts, mileage on those sneakers and body weight so you can analyze your progress and catch potential problems. Workout charts are created from time, distance and body weight - daily and monthly. Racing Buddy lets you filter and sort your Events and Workouts in numerous ways and then print out or view the selected info in a list or calendar format.
Use the Race Calculator to find your pace for swim; bike and run then get your total time with transitions. Tailored screens for running, biathlon, triathlon, cycling and swimming but you can create your own custom events. Add your event pictures with captions, splits, placing, summary, weight, heart rate, race conditions, checklist, story, plan and much more. Add your workout courses, types, sports and equipment (tracks mileage on equipment). Paste event results or stories from the Internet into story window - then edit and format to meet your needs. Racing Buddy will track your Personal Records. Enter activities or event plans directly on the calendar. Keeps track of your injury information - look back and see what injuries you had over the years, how they were treated and how long you took to recover. Data may be entered in miles or kilometers and you can easily view both. Get even mile pace charts for desired time and distance. Produce Graphs, Lists, Calendars and attractive Printouts. Share your events with others via email.
Check for most current info, screen shots and a free 30-day trial. Requires minimum 133 Pentium and 800x600 resolution or higher.

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Category: Home And Leisure > Sports

Size: 3.88MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 22936

License: Shareware

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