PictureMan 5.0.2 PRO Description

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Professional image processing application with full support of 48 bit color resolution. Outstanding collection of special effects and auto enhancement filters. Powerful painting capabilities, state-of-the-art multilayering, scripting, and automation.General functionality:- All image editing and processing operations in 48 bit color mode- Multilayers- Painting with all effects and filters- 130+ image processing filters and special effects- Artistic filters, 2D&3D deformations- Plugin support- Channel processing (RGB,R,G,B,H,V,S)- Dynamic effects- Automatic generation of scripts for dynamic special effects- Automatic generation of video effect sequences- Integrated color management- Powerful painting tools- Support of pressure sensitive tabletsArtistic filters- 37 special effects (OilPainting, NotePaper, HandDrawing, GraphicPen, AutomaticBrush ...)- 36 Text effects- Frames and photographic edgesDeformation effects- Arbitrary layer transform and 12 special effects (Warp, Rubber, PageCurl, Explosions, Collapses, Wash-Out, RandomDeformations, ...)Enhancement tools- 30+ enhancement and retouching filters including unique tools such as Dust Cleaner, Scratch Removal, JPEG Denoise, Auto Red Eye, AutoColor, True Despeckle, SmoothSigma filter, Shadow/Highlight, SmartSharp ...)Advanced Painting:- Multiple brush types- Support of pressure-sensitive tablets- Fine tuning of brush stroke, filling patterns and texturesIntegration and Automation- Scripting and macro processing- OLE support. External scriptingInterface- The only image editor that allows application of all filters with a brush- Non-modal tool interface- Animated tutorials- Workspaces- Effects Wizard- multiple Undo/Redo, history palette- Grids and guidesSupported protocols- TWAIN, OLE, DDESupported file formats- PSD, PMD, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, BMP, PCX, TARGA, EPS, PCD, DIB, TARGAPrinting- CMYK color separation- 20 rasters for black&white printing- Raster editor- Marks and posters

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Category: Audio And Video > Graphics Editors

Size: 17.90MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 19799

License: Shareware

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