Num-Blocks Description

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Blow up numbered blocks in this Breakout clone. Select from 3 difficulty settings which offer a awesome challenge giving you a faster ball speed to contend with. So bring on the challenge!

The purchased edition also offers ...

* 20 Stages totally 100 levels of game play
* Joystick,mouse and keyboard control
* 3 difficulty levels to choose from
* New player interface
* Pinball-style bumpers
* A new "Auto-Save" system that saves your game when you quit or when proceeding to the next level.
* Amazing specials such as double and triple score, cannon, photon and splatterbomb firing, paddle expansion, ball barrier, multiple balls, ball speed adjuster and Bonus Bucks! Of course, there is the extra life , jewel and score specials.

Publisher: | Download

Category: Games > Arcade

Size: 6.27MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 24361

License: Demo

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