Net Explorer Pro Description

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Net Explorer Pro is the software that help you to findthe really working groups/computers in your Local AreaNetwork (LAN). After scanning your network you will beable to fast access to ALL opened folders (includinghidden by $ folders) on ALL computers in LAN. And youdon\'t need to wait for entering the computer in yourEntire Network! Moreover you may easily and fast searchthe files all over the LAN. Just select one of thecategories (Video/Music/Applications/Graphics) or createa new one and click Search button! This gives you theopportunity to productive work with your entire networkand to find any information you need.Main Net Explorer Pro features:- Entire Network Scanning;- Quick access to all opened folders;- Access to hidden by $ folders;- Fast and easy multithreaded Search;- Search by Categories;- Adding your personal Categories;- Search by mask and deep;- User friendly interface.

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Category: Desktop Enhancement > Desktop Utilities

Size: 0.66MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 35748

License: Shareware

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