HELLLP WinHelp Author Tool for WinWord Description

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* User works entirely within Word (English or non-English versions). You never have to touch a context string, or an HPJ or RTF file (unless you want to).* Can generate topics from Word Heading Styles, or user can identify them by pointing.* Generates a table of contents automatically, for display in the main window, a secondary window or a PopUp with jumps from it already in place.* User adds additional jumps and PopUps by highlighting the text or graphic to jump from and pointing to the topic to jump to. Mid- topic jumps are supported.* Generates search keywords automatically (user can edit) in lower, upper, or mixed case.* Can generate browse sequences automatically.* Generates and tracks context strings automatically (user can edit).* Can set sizes of main and secondary windows independently, both on initial display and on topic change. Can determine windows for initial display - main, secondary or both.* Set background colours for scrolling and non-scrolling text.* Set hotspot colour for cultures where green is not suitable.* Add sound effects by playing WAV files.* Launch other processes from within Help File by clicking text or icons.* Automatic multi-file project builds.* Generation and mapping of topic numbers for HELPCONTEXTID and other context-sensitive needs.* Incorporation of additional WinHelp macros by dialog box selection.* Expert users can supply a file of [sections] to be merged into HPJ file on each build.* Customised button bars for main window, secondary windows, PopUps or embedded in text. Button-top text in any language. Buttons call or PopUp any topic, WinHelp macro or launch another process.* Automatic generation of a"Glossary"topic if desired with an alphabet button box at the top.* Generation of additional menus and menu items on the Winhelp menu bar. Even omission of the whole menu bar.* Customisable"copyright"line for WinHelp about box.* Generation of CNT file.

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Category: Programming > Help Authoring Tools

Size: 1.06MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 22317

License: Shareware

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