GiftMaster Description

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Retail and Hospitality, now you can offer Gift Cards to your customers. With Gift Master the entire process is easy and can be done completely at the point of sale. Touch Screen, POS receipt and magnetic strip reader compatible. Easy to use, even works without plastic gift cards (we will print the cards for you even in small quantity\'s of 10 cards). Our software also has many security features including allowing you to deciding which screens your employees can access. Cashier interface designed for quick data entry, swipe the card and enter the amount, a cash receipt is automatically printed for the cashiers drawer. Gift Master was written not just to run on a Windows computer but most POS systems. It easily can be networked to many cashier stations and a back office computer. Gift cards can easily be activated right at the point of sale by the cashier. Instant accounting, total card balances are automatically calculated and displayed whenever you go to the data screen. Internet connection required to access the online help file and the supplies order form. There is also a feature that will automatically check our web site for a newer version of the software. We offer both FREE upgrades and FREE tech phone support. View and print reports on daily sales, daily purchases and our exclusive history file,. The history file shows you or your security department each individual card swipe with the details of exactly what was done and which cashier station did it. From the card data screen you can see all the purchase made with any gift card, both the amount and the date are stored. Download the software and try it our for free a full 30 days. Gift Master was developed by Steve Karas and Associates, Developer of QUICK REWARDS the best customer loyalty system available.

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Category: Business > Accounting

Size: 5.0MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 19631

License: Shareware

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