Gem Slider 3 Description

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This is a new release of a most popular game for Palm OS 5, SonyClie and HiRes. It has improved graphics and lots of new effects.Tap a gem that is located along the border of the board, a new gem will appear close to it, and it will begin to slide towards the opposite side of the board. It will slide until it hits the border of the board or another gem. If that gem doesn\'t have such a neighbour, the sliding gem will push it until it will hit the board\'s border or a gem. When four or more gems of the same color come together (including sliding gem or gem it has pushed) they all disappear. If you remove all the gems of some color, that type of gems won\'t appear anymore and your score doubles. The more gems are removed at once - the more points you get.There are four game modes:SHOOT-OUT- In this game mode there are no new gems added within the game. A few gems are added only if you clear out a color. You have a certain number of moves to do it, and the fewer colors remains, the fewer moves you have.STRATEGY - In this game mode your goal is to avoid misses, ant try to gain as many points as you cam. The more misses - the more new gems are added to the board, but those new gems give you stuff to get further points. Try to keep the balance..ARCADE - Here you have to make moves as quickly as possible. The bigger period of time you think over the next move, the more points you lose. Each second takes 1 point from the first gem, 2 points for the second etc. Thus, waiting more than 10 seconds, you get 0 for the first gem, 0 for the second and so on. Timer is placed in the bottom right corner.SNIPER - The goal of the game is to clear the board with as little number of moves as possible. In this game mode you got points for the number of moves made - 1 point for each move, so that the fewer points you get, the better for the game.

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Category: Games > Arcade

Size: 0.869MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 20844

License: Shareware

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