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Quick and simple to use non-destructive block editor for Windows 98/Me/NT/2K/XP. Do you have a wave file which contains several songs and unwanted data such as talks, too long/short intervals, and not-favorite songs between your favorite songs? AudioBlock Edit works fine for editing such files. File loading is very quick compared with other shareware editors. Edit operation is very simple and quick. AudioBlock Edit won\'t give you a headache. The performance does not decrease as the file size increases. You can save an enormous amount of time.Generally speaking, there are two types of audio editors, block editors and waveform editors. The shareware editors are typically waveform editors, which process samples of audio and make changes directly to files on disk. When you cut and paste a section from the waveform, you have really moved that section within the file even the changes are temporary until you save it. This type of editing is slow and often called destructive editing.Block editors, however, manipulate start and end points of virtual segments within an audio file without changing the content of that file on disk. This type of editing is non-destructive and typically adopted by high end multi-track professional editors. You can divide blocks to create new ones without making a single change to the file on your hard disk. Block editing is an efficient way of manipulating audio files, and AudioBlock Edit takes advantage of it. Since it does not need to process samples, performance is much faster than that of waveform editing. If the file is big, the difference is huge!

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Category: Audio And Video > Sound Editors

Size: 0.4MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 35745

License: Shareware

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