Attendant Manager Description

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Attendant Manager provides assistance with all major aspects of attendant care for disabled people. The program helps with job descriptions, monthly schedules, training manuals, day checklists, check stubs, and more. Version 3 includes updatable Federal employment taxes, printer friendly documents, and improved document control system.

The program helps attendants better understand and prepare for their work, improve their job performance, maintain a positive attitude, and enjoy higher job satisfaction. The program includes managers, editers, dialogs, and tutorials that assist with creating job descriptions, job applications, interview forms, needs assessment worksheets, routine lists, custom training manuals, daily checklists and instructions, daily scheduling, time span scheduling, monthly schedules, payroll with itemized earnings and deductions, professional check stubs, financial statements to assist with tax forms, time sheets, financial records, automatic objective evaluations, written evaluations, employee files, employee tax preferences, recruitment files, emergency instructions, support for remote workstations, internal messaging. and more.Attendants enjoy a Routine Checklist, easy access to training manuals, daily instructions and checklists, a schedule manager for up to date scheduling information, routine checking to ensure adequate care, a time sheet manager, access to their employee file to keep contact information up to date, and an Inbox to read mail, training manuals, store check stubs, time sheets, or other documents.The tutorials provide information that is simple and to the point about how to start a personal care service, develop a training plan, manage assistants, solve employment problems, and terminating the employment relationship.The program is easy to use with built in data optimization, one button access keys, several layers of help systems, and adjustable display preferences. The program includes everything possible in support of personal care.

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Category: Business > Payroll

Size: 7.8MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 41908

License: Shareware

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