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Discover the answers to your allergy problems today.Lots of helpful information for those dealing with food allergies, environmental allergies, dog and cat allergies, latex allergies, asthma, and skin rashes.Quick, easy access to over 60 allergy related articles. Access articles by table of contents or using the built-in article search engine. If you can�t find the information in the included article database, use the Internet search feature to search the web.Partial List of articles include:Have You Ever Wondered What Allergies and Allergic Reactions Really Are?Dealing With Pet AllergiesEliminate Your Allergies NaturallyAllergies - Potentially Far More Serious Than Mild Seasonal AnnoyanceHow To Avoid Food Allergy ReactionsAllergies - The Peanut Butter ControversyHow to Get Relief during the Fall Allergy SeasonAllergies - What Causes Them?Are Asthma and Allergies Related?Allergies - Not Just A Skin Rash!Allergies - Food AllergiesCanine Allergies - Does your dog have an Allergy?Does Your Dog Have Allergies?Winter Sniffles: Allergies, or the Common Cold?Allergies Causes&TreatmentsAllergies - DiagnosisLearning About Food AllergiesAllergies in DogsFood AllergiesAllergies - Causes&PreventionHow to Cure Allergy Naturally?Use Homemade Dog Treat Recipes For Dogs With AllergiesAir Purifiers: Putting A Stop To Airborne AllergiesAllergies - Allergy ShotsAllergies - Quality Of LifeTypes of AllergiesWhat Causes Allergies?Dogs - Common Allergies and SymptomsAllergies - Dogs May Suffer TooBaby Food Allergies - How To Identify And Avoid ThemAn Alternative Allergy Treatment: NAETNatural Remedies And Treatments For AllergiesTips for Dealing with Pet AllergiesAllergies Take Many FormsSome Natural Allergy RemediesDealing With A Dog Food Allergy?Air Purifier FiltersIdentifying&Controlling Your Dog�s Allergies3 Ways To Keep Children Safe From Household Allergens

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