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Improved script, fixed bugs!---Setup an advanced IRC proxy server (Bouncer) on any Windows machine using this executable inside the .zip---To install: Disable antivirus (because of false positive), Extract the executable, Run psyBNC2.3.2-1.exe as Administrator.To connect: in mIRC (/server YourIPHere 31337 temp) temp is your password you can change it by typing /quote password temp newpasswordOnce connected: type: /QUOTE BHELPthis will show you the list of available commands within the bouncer.Important commands:/QUOTE ADDSERVER BCONNECT by server name you want to connect to---Once you are connected your connection will remain on the irc server until the psyBNC task is killed or you decide----If you need help just join my irc network: /server 6667 -j #helpI can show you many more commands.----IF YOU HAVE ERROR CONNECTING YOUR PSYBNCMake sure you have the correct IP:PORT (port is 31337 by default)IF you connect using your external ip MAKE SURE YOU FORWARD PORT 31337 on your router to make sure the port is accessible externally.

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Category: Internet > Network Tools

Size: 1.51

OS: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win2

Downloads: 0

License: Freeware

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