LAN Desktop Spy Monitor Description

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LAN Desktop Spy Monitor is fantastically well-designed, easy-to-operate staff member monitoring software, it is really an helpful method to assist administrators with staff management. It could deal with these kinds of troubles: workers do nonwork activities at the time of working hours, like surfing recreational sites, watching films, chatting online, playing on-line computer games; they leak confidential and proprietary information involving business out through email or USB storage device. This amazing most effective LAN monitor is able to capture employee’s computer screen immediately, log all keystrokes and website browses, filter forbidden websites. Additionally, it can record it down when the transfer rate outs of limitations. This type of LAN real-time supervising program saves the recorded keystrokes, screen shots, websites visit and transfer rate mechanically. This particular hidden computer software possesses the function of remote document administration and transfer, it can be remotely managed just with your own computer mouse and keyboard. You can inspect and even cease programs which are operating on the worker\'s computer, deliver message to worker\'s computer remotely, or restrict them using USB storage device. LAN Desktop Spy Monitor can greatly enhance the work efficiency of staff, protect key business imformation, lessen effectively resource waste of computer in addition to guaratee the secrity of computer network, and lastly promote company become more prosperous.

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Category: Internet > Network Tools

Size: 6156KBKB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

Downloads: 40426

License: Shareware

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