More Software Like WHIST Card Game From Special K

Gaps Solitaire

Arrange four rows of cards.
Downloads: 68426 - Freeware - Download Now

Multiplayer Pinochle

Play Pinochle with other players on the internet
Downloads: 25742 - Freeware - Download Now

Mountain Solitaire

Even steepest mountains have such paths that lead you to the very top. And not to be too tired of the walk, you can take a pack of cards and play solitaire!
Downloads: 43822 - Freeware - Download Now


All you have to do is be the first player to discard the five cards you are dealt to start the game, simple right? Well simple doesn't come often in Bergman! See if you can beat the computer in this challenging card game or end up holding the deck.
Downloads: 61742 - Freeware - Download Now


A starter-kit for spreading warm fuzzy feelings
Downloads: 51451 - Freeware - Download Now

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