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eDoc is an editor to view and edit "Doc Files", also know as "Structure Storage Files" or sometimes referred as "Compound Files". Simply put, a Doc File is like a complex file system with Folders (a \'storage\') and Files (a \'stream\') contained in a single file. Unlike a zip-file, which is a compressed snapshot of a file system, a Doc File is dynamic. File and folders can be added, removed, and edited at will. Doc Files were first introduced under Windows™ with OLE™ version 2 in Windows 95.

eDoc lets you view and edit existing Doc Files, create new doc files from scratch, and import/export data to/from more conventional files.

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Category: Programming > Developer Tools

Size: 451KB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 20377

License: Freeware

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