XXCLONE Description

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XXCLONE duplicates the whole Win NT, 2000 or XP system volume toanother volume that will become ready to boot without a restore step.You may boot the system from the clone volume by simply swapping thedisks when a disaster strikes.The cloned volume may be larger than the source volume, or evensmaller as long as the volume data can fit. You may copy fromFAT to NTFS or vice versa. It supports USB-disk, PATA and SATA.Ideal for periodic backup, or a one-time disk upgrade, or migration.Unlike the disk imaging tools, XXCLONE copies files and directories.Therefore, you stay in Windows and may do some work while the cloningruns in the background. With a full volume backup, files in thetarget volume will always de-fragmented automatically withoutthe need for the time-consuming de-frag on the source.It maintains Restore Points with most recent 7 daily, 4 weekly,12 monthly and 5 yearly records with which you can restore theexact state of the system registry.Additional features include tools to duplicate the Volume ID,to repair non-bootable disk, and more. It supports command linearguments and suits batch file invocations, also.Extremely easy to use with user-friendly GUI.

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Category: Utilities > Disk Utilities

Size: 0.67MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 21058

License: Freeware

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