Voice Chat Spy Recorder Description

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Voice Chat Spy Recorder, the most effective voice chat record software. It is able to not simply capture all audio in computer like voice chat message in instant messenges, songs played by audio player, streaming audio from Internet, sound from microphone, earphone, line-in, ect; in addition log audio from outside tools near computer, like audio coming from Television set, CD player, cell phone as well as tetephone. It records sound at all times the whole time. Logged chat voice having quite high quality will be saved auto-magically in WAV file format and can be replayed in almost any audio player. This undetectable monitor operates in completely stealth mode. It autostarts when Windows start-up, doesn\'t have any tray symbol or shotcut, and its install trail is invisible. The unique approach to access it is through certain hot keys( default hotkey is Ctrl + Alt + R, you may arranged it into whatever you like). Besides, it has password protection, you should always be the only one can reach it. Voice Chat Spy Recorder program is actually flexible, simply because you can set it to auto record once MSN Voice Chat/ Skype Voice Chat/ Yahoo!Messenger Voice chat/ ICQ Voice Chat/ QQ Voice Chat is working, and also fixed it to save records every X minutes, and the storage space can be saved. This spy recoder is a decent device to monitor online chat voice of your problem child or dishonest spouse.

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Category: Internet > Online Privacy

Size: 1259kbKB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

Downloads: 21291

License: Shareware

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