Validawy Description

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Live validate and clean up emaill lists multi-threaded up to 500 threads, multiple instances can run for validating separat files in parallel, very fast and accurate, Easy to retry invalid and failed address, Validate any size mail list files, Live validation, simulates sending email but ends before completing. Validawy live validate email addresses by simulating sending real email but ends the process before completing. Validawy starts by checking the email address format, then resolves the mail exchange servers (MX) record for the email address, then tries to connect to each MX server until one answers, then sends the "FROM MAIL", then sends "RCPT", then ends the conection before completing the sending email simulation. This is the best way to live validate email address.Main Features Summery===============Multi-Threaded up to 500 threads (threads are parallel connections).Live validation, simulates sending email but ends before completing.Validate any size mail list files.Append mail list files at once for validation.Easy to retry invalid and failed address.Saves valid emails and errors to separate filesConfigurable DNS server for Mail exchange server lookup MX.Configurable SMTP "FROM MAIL" email address.Configurable SMTP "HELO/EHELO" nameEasy one click product registration.Easy program use and Nice layout.Low cost

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Category: Email > Misc Email Tools

Size: 8.62MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 22379

License: Shareware

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