Vaccine46 Description

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Vaccine46 is the first and the only Dual-Core Antivirus Antispyware Protection System on the planet!Main Features:Dual-Core Antivirus Antispyware EngineMultiple Active ShieldsTrue Micro-Incremental UpdatesAutomatic daily updatesProactive ProtectionAnti-Polymorphic EngineReally Small: only 7 MB!Completely Automatic: install and forget!Easy to use.Cool Interface.Think you are protected? Think again!Recent research show that a computer connected to Internet without protection will be infected within 20 minutes.Beaware: to get compromised you don\'t even need to surf the net.Being connected it\'s enough!At the moment viruses are decreasing in number and the so called Spyware is becoming the major threat for your computer: worm, trojan, adware, dialer, BHO, backdoor, ircbot, browser hijacker, phishing, keylogger, rootkit ...So you need to protect your computer with at least two programs: antivirus and antispyware.That\'s why we have created Vaccine46™ Dual Core Antivirus Antispyware , thatcombines the best antivirus technologies with the most advanced spyware protections.Try it now, protect yourself!

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Category: Utilities > Anti Spyware

Size: 7.55MB

OS: Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Downloads: 18523

License: Shareware

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