UFS Explorer Description

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UFS Explorer allows you to browse your alternative filesystems and extract files from there. Now it has user-mode read-only support for BSD UFS/UFS2, MacOS HFS/HFS+/HFSX and ReiserFS/Ext2/Ext3 Linux filesystems as well as has FAT (12/16/32) support, that is useful feature with disk images (RAW/VMWare).

Why UFS Explorer?
Because of it gives you really efficient way to access your files, located on your disk partitions that are not accessible normally.
Why read-only?
Because of you do not need this really! Alternative OS, like Linux, have at least read-only access to your Windows partitions, so you may transfer files there with no problems.
Why not a driver?
Because of any incorrect action in driver will crash your OS. Read-only access from user-mode is the safest way to do same job with no risks!

Key features:
- Read-only access to Linux Reiser/Ext2/Ext3 filesystems;
- Read-only access to BSD UFS/UFS2 filesystems;
- Read-only basic access to Apple MacOS X HFS+/HFSX filesystems;
- Explorer-like filesystem browsing;
- File extraction (for files larger then 16k - available after registration);
- Folder/object group extraction;
- Hard-disk auto-detection;
- Partitions auto-detection basing on DOS/BSD/MacOS partitioning; Supports Apple Mac OS-style hard disk partitionning (New!);
- Partitions probing: detect correct filesystem if partition label is invalid;
- Smart filesystem caching;
- Symlinks browsing, object properties and other utility features;
- Files extraction from disk images! Supports VMWare 3,4,5 hard disk image files, RAW disk image files, uncompressed Apple MacOS disk image files (.DMG) (New!);
- Hardware changes re-scan; opened devices management.
- FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 support: may be useful for RAW/VMWare disk images. Has floppy disk images supports!

To have access to your physical hard-drives, you should be a local Administrator.

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Category: Utilities > Disk Utilities

Size: 565KB

OS: Windows XP

Downloads: 22101

License: Shareware

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