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Have your children played their favorite shoot-em-up video game one too many times? There\'s nothing wrong with a little mindless fun, but why not try a collection of entertaining games that helps practice mental skills? Thinkin\' Games consists of eight great puzzles of varying difficulty, sure to satisfy whether at home or in the classroom."Hangman"is the classic vocabulary game, complete with graphics and sound."Scramble"is another vocabulary game in which the player tries to decipher a word with its letters mixed up."Shooter"is a typing practice game where the player must type falling words before they reach the bottom of the window. In"Memory"a sequence of flashing words is displayed, and then the player must repeat the sequence. The sequence length increases until the player makes a mistake. In"Collector"a greater than or less than condition is displayed. Simple mathematical expressions fall from the top of the window. The player collects expressions that satisfy the condition and must avoid expressions that do not."Equator"is a mathematical puzzle game. Four numbers are displayed followed by an equals sign and then a fifth number. The player must place mathematical operators (+ - * /) between the four numbers such that the equation works out correctly. Click FAST and Shapes are both fun reaction-time games that round out the package.Additional category packs like Cities&Countries, Foods, States, etc. add to the overall package. The full version also includes a category editor, which enables creation of custom word lists for use in the vocabulary based games. All games are playable within the Demo, so check it out today!

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Category: Education And Reference > Learning Tools

Size: 1.92MB

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000

Downloads: 23712

License: Shareware

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